This course will help you demystify the term "Machine Learning" and explain some of the most common models, like regressions, clustering, or classification algorithms. You will learn, which problems you can solve with Machine Learning and how you can benefit of Python and its libraries, to make these tasks easier for you. We will see how to interpret model results and how to check if your model is actually performing well at a given prediction task.

Target Audience:

This course is a good fit for you if you already know the basics of Python and work with data frequently. You know the basics of exploratory data analytics and are familiar with the difference between descriptive and predictive data analytics. You might work in consulting, marketing, HR, controlling or any other other role that involves a lot of data analytics. This course is a great follow-up to our introductory Python course "Beyond Excel: Introduction to Data Analytics with Python"

Course duration:

4 weeks

Participation fee:

399 €