This course will teach you the basics of data analytics with Python. You will learn how to load and clean your data from various sources, and how to apply basic mathematical and statistical operations (like grouping, calculating averages, show distributions or identify correlations. You will also learn, which modules Python offers to visualize your results. At the end of the course, you have mastered the basic concepts of data analytics in Python and will be able to perform an Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) from start to finish.

Target Audience:

The course is a good fit for you if you work with data frequently (i.e. in Microsoft Excel) and want to explore how Python could benefit you in your day-to-day activities. You might work in consulting, marketing, controlling, HR or any other role that requires a good deal of data analysis. No prior knowledge in Python is required.

Duration of the course:

6 weeks

Participation fees:

399 €